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I just watched I Am Britney Jean and...

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******** she worked her *** off for this show! That is the main reason why she didn't pay much attention to Britney Jean + probably the reason why will.i.am needed Myah for the recording sessions. She was just sooo busy and she had a big responsibility she had 2 kids she had her album she had to learn all the dances and stuff oh my god **** me queen you are unbelieveable!!!!!

+ i learned that she wanted Alien to be a single... :weirdmeout:

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2 hours ago, kutayuysaler said:

what did she want & what happened? 

I believe she wanted a more urban album and the conservatorship stopped her from cowriting/taking control of her music. Glory changed that for sure and she was happy to be cowriting again per Justin Tranter and Julia just said that Britney is very involved in her music i.e. most of the tracks were her lyrics and her melodies. So I don't see this happening again with her next albums. 

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