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"In 2017 we'll have Britney killing it and going deeper and mature in her artistry"


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Just now, Pedro Dantas said:

"It's the choreographers/sound engineers/her team/dancers' fault" :flawlessbye:

"it's clearly the product designer who made that prop, she wasn't able to do what she needed to to"

on a serious note, it's crazy how doing less it looked better (comparing it to the first time she performed it)


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Guest Diamond Horse
37 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

I dunno, I think it's kinda cute:giggleney: 


Edit: I just rewatched it, she looks like she's having actual fun on stage. Not sure why this is getting all the hate :/ 

Same here, I love it. Of course this is not "the fierce primeney" nor is it deep, but it fulfills its purpose. At least she is not bored.

I watched the "longer" instagram clip before, I enjoyed it

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