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Do you like these most-hated Britney songs?

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Some of her bad / really basic songs are fun like Mmm Papi, Ooh La La, Pretty Girls, etc. but don't merit any praise imo other than just being fun filler tracks.

But then there's tracks that are pretty unlistenable like Body Ache where Myah takes over the whole thing and This Kiss where it sounds like she's recording underwater.

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It Should Be Easy - well apart from the vocals and the 'million billion' line you can't deny the song is a bop and very catchy. It has a good instrumental

Body Ache - obviously Britney isn't supposed to singing on this song which kinda ruins it but I think it's pretty catchy and has a nice beat

Tik Tik Boom - is okay but could do without T.I's rap

Pretty Girls - it's a fun harmless song and I don't hate it like most fans do. I like the video as well

Ooh La La - didn't realise this song was hated, I think it was fine for The Smurfs 2 movie and it's very catchy and summery. The video was cute as well

My Baby - I can appreciate Britney's songwriting skills but it's kinda boring and she has better ballads. And the song has one of her worst lyrics

Chillin' With You - the song feels very disjointed, the chorus is awful lol. I think we expected better from a Britney and Jamie Lynn duet. I kinda liked it when BJ first came out but it got boring and now I barely listen to it.


I can think of some other Britney songs that are hated but aren't mentioned in your OP...

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The songs from Britney Jean specially those are what turn that record into **** :byebitch:

Pretty girls is ok I guess, its fun to dance but the lyrics are kinda meh...:wyd:

My baby is beautiful. :lemmetellu:

and ooh la la is a song from a kids movie so...it is what it is but still it is a nice song. :girlwhat:

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