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Glory: The Cohesive Editions

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This thread is probably going to flop, but in case anyone was craving a more cohesive tracklist for Glory, I've made two. It's crazy to me that so many songs on the album fit together, and yet, the tracklist seems like it's just randomly thrown together. So my goal was to create a completely cohesive tracklist where each song flows into each other, and gives the album a direction as you continue to listen to it. 


Blue are the chill, moody songs. Purple are the transition songs. They're not super chill, but not upbeat either. Red are the upbeat dance songs. Orange is the upbeat, more experimental and weird songs.

Standard Edition:


I consider these to be the essentials of the album. They're some of the best songs off the album with the widest appeal to the general public imo. They also make for the most cohesive playlist imo.

  1. Invitation
  2. Make Me
  3. Just Luv Me
  4. Slumber Party
  5. Mood Ring
  6. Man on the Moon
  7. Better
  8. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
  9. Do You Wanna Come Over?
  10. Love Me Down

Deluxe Edition:


The Deluxe Edition is the full song list in the most cohesive order I could manage. Just Like Me was added into the middle section. It was left out of the standard edition because it didn't really fit in with the rest of the songs, but for the full tracklist, I think it fits best here. The added on orange songs allow the tracklist to continue to flow, as they're more upbeat, but they're also the weirder, more experimental songs that aren't necessarily as loved by the fanbase (besides Liar and If I'm Dancing).

  1. Invitation
  2. Make Me
  3. Just Luv Me
  4. Slumber Party
  5. Mood Ring
  6. Just Like Me
  7. Man on the Moon
  8. Better
  9. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
  10. Do You Wanna Come Over?
  11. Love Me Down
  12. Clumsy
  13. Private Show
  14. What You Need
  15. Liar
  16. Hard to Forget Ya
  17. If I'm Dancing
  18. Coupure Electrique

Let me know your thoughts :) 

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Just now, mauureee said:

why is just like me only on the deluxe but in track 6?


I'd put Liar on the standard version too:foh:

and just like me on the deluxe or as a japan bonus track :whitney:

Just Like Me didn't really flow well anywhere in the album when I was organizing it. If it was #6 on the standard edition, it'd mess up the cohesiveness of that tracklist. However, that's the best place I could find for it when I included all of the songs from Glory.

Liar doesn't fit with any of the other songs on the standard edition and, again, would mess up the cohesiveness imo. 

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