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Hold On Tight is one of her best songs


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It’s The most ironic statement known to mankind as it came off of BJ, but the song is so good!:lemmetellu::brit:

her voice first off all, is SO emotive, she freaking transfers every single emotion on that song like no other! She sounds so amazing in addition to that! Every single word that she sings makes me feel some way. If I’m not mistaken there’s minimal Myah on it if not any on the lead vocals at least

The lyrics are just perfect. They’re very deep without trying too hard,  and her voice sounds amazing singing those words into my Ears. 

That freaking pre-chorus «it’s A long way hoooooome» kills me everytime:staysalty:

it’s one of the few (two) good moments on that album that’s truly enjoyable!

one of her best I think:feelingmyself:

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