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CRAZY THEORY ONCE i thought, that the PLASTIC surgery she did , was a decision of her dad manager etc, to make her look happy and less doped bloated and less druged


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once i thought, that the PLASTIC surgery she did, was a decision of her manager, and dad, to make her look happy,  ( like. Always smiling, like a joker and less doped because of the drugs " medicines' she uses) we all know they control her life, decisions, interviews etc, like milking the cow , Britney it's not OK, AND WE ALL KNOW THAT, SHE is in a very best place that she used to ,(  2011 2012  etc)  but she isn't 100% fine,  
im oneof her biggest fan , the ones that know me here knows that ... I'm not a  Troll, but I'm not stupid, and I see some things, that aren't normal in a person,  it's obvious that after her breakdown something breaks in her,, her mental health . That's why we have two Britney,s primeney and currentney, 

i know it sounds creepy, but I really thought that... like an alternate theory, 

its like they said: Ok Britney looks tired unhappy, doped, sad etc.. so let's take to a surgery so she looks happy and we can still make money from her, 

i know it's sounds creepy, but it could be, 

something its not ok with her, with her team, etc, it's not normal all the mistakes they have, 



who knows,...

anyway.... I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT HER.. and I don't lose hope, to see her performing again like she used to, 

im sure someday we will have BRITNEY BACK


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Guest I Think I'm Ready Now
2 hours ago, Paulino999 said:
I don't lose hope, to see her performing again like she used to, 


Like 15 years ago ? :calculating::orangu:

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