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Can anyone help me figure out how to make this Britney costume?

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Hey guys, I know it's super early but I really want to try and re-create this Britney costume for halloween:bparty: I know it's really complex but if I could just make it look similar I'd be happy.  Does anyone have any info on the fabric or any tips would help.  Especially with the top part. Are those flower shapes attached to the top?  Haven't been able to find super clear pictures of it.  Any help is much appreciated guys... Thanks in advance!:bigtime:




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Buy a dress with a similar shape and ask someone who designs clothing and stuff to make some cuts and add the details like flowers, diamonds, etc. It's better this way because all the work is done, you just have to adjust it to the Britney costume. Or you may contact Marco Marco :uknowit:

Buy it in white so you can color it later on with a professional clothe printer or a fabric dye. 

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