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One year ago Britney released the video of the year(jk)

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I was in Cancun... 


and it was  the worst moment ever... I remember I was so desperate to get wifi even I. Stop being with my friends at the beach just to watch the video...


and no then I saw that ******* mess... 


the worst video ever... really... it's **** ...


britney team u r the worst TEAM AND MEDIOCRE TEAM EVER.. AND BRITNEY... U TOO.   SORRY. But this really pisses me off.. 


make me me Is a masterpiece... and they release this shitty video de mmierda ... patético.. mal editado... una porqueria... 


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I was at home desperately hoping that I'd see the introduction to the LaChapelle video on my screen. Then I saw her cackling hyena dancers with the cheesy opening and automatically screamed, opened another window to go on Exhale, to participate in the meltdowns that ensued. :byebitch:

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