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One song from each album which has been totally wasted


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I'll start :mattafact:


...Baby One More Time - I Will Be There

The song is amazing and I Will Be ******* There should have been a single instead of From the Bottom of My Poor Heart :lessons:

Oops!...I Did It Again - Where Are You Now

This ballad is huge and it was SO wasted. I'd been thinking about choosing What U See (Is What U Get) also but at least this songs had its moment on the tour while Where Are ******* Now got nothing :meltdown:


Britney - That's Where You Take Me

Words fail me, this song is so sweet and beautiful, ******* entirely on INAGNYAW :kidcries:


In The Zone - Breathe On Me

Even though we have so many performances of this songs I still think this song was incredibly wasted because it deserved a decent music video when Britney was at her artistic peak :tifftear:

Blackout - Perfect Lover

Soooo many wasted songs. But at least we have some performances of Break The Ice, Get Naked, Freakshow, Hot As Ice and Ooh Ooh Baby while Perfect ******* lover was totally skipped :nyheadache:


Circus - Unusual You

Again a perfect song without NOTHING :sobbing: Kill the Lights and Mannequin had their cheap moments at least (cheap mv for KTL and cheap choreo for Mannequin on Circus Tour) but what about this gem? This song is ******* best on the album :flawlessbye:

Femme Fatale - Gasoline

This song would have been huge if it was released as the 4th single of the album :lemmetellu: and it hadn't even received a proper performance, THEY TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS ******* GEM, I CAN'T.


Britney Jean - Til It's Gone

I don't care about Myah stuff, this song is huge and it should have been at least performed on Vegas :snapney:

Glory - Change Your Mind

******* slayage, deserves a proper mv with LaIslaBonitaney :lemmetellu: the "interlude" on Vegas/BLIC is not enough :omgwtf:

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BOMT: I Will Be There

OIDIA: What U See

BRITNEY: Cinderella

ITZ: Breathe On Me

Blackout: Ooh Ooh Baby (and Toy Soldier, Get Naked and almost ALL songs)

Circus: Unusual You (and Shattered Glass)

FF: Inside Out (how come she didn't even perform it?)

BJ: Til It's Gone

Glory: Just Luv Me (and Luv Me Down, Liar, Change Your Mind...)

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BOMT - I Will Be There (I wouldn't be surprised if they considered this one for a single and then changed their minds)

OIDIA - Can't Make You Love Me (though most of the songs would have made great singles)

Britney - What It's Like To Be Me

ITZ - The Hook Up (I'm sure most will pick BOM/TOMH so i wanted to choose one besides those 2)

BO - Toy Soldier

Circus - Unusual You

FF - How I Roll

BJ - Hold On Tight

Glory - Do You Wanna Come Over

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To me the wasted songs are the ones she's never performed...recorded for an album to never be used again. 

BOMT - was Deep In My Heart ever performed?

OIDIA - Where Are You Now

B - When I Found You

ITZ - Early Mornin

GM - Toy Soldier

C - Amnesia/Unusual You

FF - Inside Out 

BJ - Hold On Tight / Passenger 

G - 70% of the album 

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I love this thread!! I love to see what everyone's thoughts are! :)

Baby: I will Be There

Oops: What U See (Is What you get)

Britney: What Its Like to Be Me

In The Zone: Breathe On Me

Blackout: Get Naked ( I got a plan)

Circus: Unusual You

Femme Fatale: Inside Out

Britney Jean: Passenger

Glory: Love me Down/ Change your Mind.... I can't decide!!


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BOMT: I Will Be There

OIDIA: What U See (Is What U Get)

BRITNEY: What It's Like To Be Me, Before The Goodbye

ITZ: Breathe On Me, Touch Of My Hand, The Hook Up

Blackout: Get Naked (I Got A Plan), Ooh Ooh Baby, Get Back

Circus: Unusual You, Shattered Glass, Phonography

FF: Inside Out, Up N Down, He About To Lose Me

BJ: Til It's Gone, Alien

Glory: Just Luv Me, Do You Wanna Come Over?

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Baby - I Will Be There (Best vocal on the album)

Oops - Don't Go Knockin' On My Door (A BOP that stands perfectly alongside Oops and Stronger)

Britney - Cinderella (A MASTERPIECE! Could've done a video in a castle with a ball and everyone dressed up with amazing choreography!) 

In the Zone - Breathe On Me (Her best sensual song and the production and vocals are flawless!)

Blackout - Get Back (could've been a big radio hit)

Circus - Unusual You (One of the best songs from the album. Very haunting. Pure pop perfection.

Femme Fatale - Inside Out (I honestly feel like this song would've been huge and a perfect way to close the era! It references two of her previous hits and deserved to be released!)

Britney Jean - Don't Cry

Glory - Mood Ring

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Baby - "I Will Be There"
This song is a ******* bop, and one of the only album
tracks I listen to from the album.

Oops - "Can't Make You Love Me"
Classic Britney at her finest, it has that disctinctive Britney "sound" like
Overprotected and I would have loved to see a video for this song!

Britney - "Before The Goodbye"
This song is so often over-looked and I love it to pieces, the
atmospheric build on the verses and first chrous, then it turns into
a pure dance/disco bop. Her vocals slay on this track too.

In The Zone - "Shadow"
Another over-looked favourite of mine. I would have loved to see
a dark, dramatic video for this song.

Blackout - "Freakshow"
I was torn between this and Get Naked but ultimately would have
loved this song to be a single, as its still one of my favourites and
I never tire of listening to it.

Circus - "Blur"
I love how this song subtly explores the darker times Britney went
through as some sort of "hangover" and was the closest thing we got
to a song about the breakdown on the album.

Femme Fatale - "Scary"
Just... yeah. Need I say more?

Britney Jean - "Now That I Found You"
Not a favourite with everyone, but at least SHE sings on this track.
Had she released this right after Work ***** and done a bit
of international promo this could've been a massive hit all over Europe.

Glory - "No Seas Cortés"
(Note: I never refer to this track as "Change Your Mind".)

I just love this one SOOOOOO much! I think it's one of the best
tracks she's recorded in years, I love the production, her sultry
vocals and all the SPANISH!!! Wasted, wasted, wasted!!!


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