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It's been one year since she announced Glory

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Guest Diamond Horse
47 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

I remember the meltdown I had over how cheap the cover photo looked. Got used to it by now. :whitney:

For me, this photo is no big deal at all. 

Even Make Me ( :tiffcackle: ) video is not such a big deal for me.

But lack of promo and bad performances are.

Lack of live singing too. :tiffcackle: 

Also, I would like a more lyrically versatile album.

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4 minutes ago, mmmpatti said:

The cover never bothered me at all. I remember seeing it for the first time and liking it. I wasn't blown away or anything but then I came on here and everybody was having a meltdown over it.

This. It's not anything special, and I thought the font was tacky, but I didn't understand the meltdowns. 

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  • Exhale+
22 minutes ago, it's so much Better said:

this picture actually SLAYS me

such an incredible photography. i mean wtf the collors, the boots, the shot, her position, her body

i mean 

this era could REALLY have been incredible aestheticwise.


Mama was looking Pu$$y AF! It's definitely one of her very best photos ever. I just wish that they would release more of that shoot!  :meltdown:  

But they've been banished to the deepest and darkest pits of Britney Hell, along with the original Gimme More and Perfume videos, never to be heard from again.  :letitburn:  

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