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Britney needs a Club Banger, pop, for her next Lead single


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1 hour ago, $elfish said:

It's okay till the word ends was a hit and she performed it like this 


I'm thristy for a hit from britney :triggered: I wanna be proud of being a brinny fan:wyd:

that's the HIAM segment though :uknowit:

seriously though it's gonna be the 6th era (since Blackout) that she will be releasing dance/electronic albums that she cannot perform properly live. if she doesn't want to dance, she better not do it anymore it's rather insulting and embarrassing. i'd rather her just sit and turn around the chair while eating oreos and actually sing to stripped down music than lip syncing and zumba dancing to club bangers. :tiffcackle:


ain't gonna happen though. :whitneyshade:

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4 hours ago, nels64 said:

I would say Circus is just as poppy and clubby as Make Me and Slumber Party. 

Also does NO ONE remember WB? Just making a club song isnt going to automatically make the song popular. Make Me and Slumber Party had just as much potential as any of the FF singles. It's the way it was handled and honestly if y'all just want to stan Britney for having a hit I'm soooo not here for that. 

I would 100 times rather get songs like Glory or music she actually put time and work into than a souless FF album with forgettable hits. (Don't get me wrong FF is a GREAT album and I love it...but it IS forgettable and Britney was minimally involved). I also remember a time not long ago when everyone was done with the club bangers and wanted Brit to make more meaningful music...Britney isn't going to be #1 anymore unless she WANTS to and everyone needs to get over it. You're not a true fan if the only reason you're supporting an artist is because you want them to be popular. 

love this oolong :truthtea:

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 With an uptempo, a good song, with amazing production and a killer chorus, with a lot of background vocals, 


and of of course with a cool video and good promo,


people remember britney and loves Britney when she is. **** , when she is a *****, etc, she needs to bring that **** sassy music again 


no one in the business has that sassiness and bitchy thing that Britney can do, 


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7 hours ago, nels64 said:

I agree. And honestly. At the end of the day...I'm not here because her new song went #1 and that's why I decided to like the song. I'm here because I genuinely enjoy her and the music. Not because "the gp" enjoyed a song and had it replayed a bunch. 

As long as the music is good, I couldn't give a **** about its chart performance, though higher performance on the charts usually translates to more promotion, which is usually in the form of live/recorded performances. So I guess I wouldn't mind if her new song went #1. :imcute: 

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44 minutes ago, nels64 said:

See but I think we in addition to her team need to stop treating her like BRITNEY SPEARS of 1998-2008. We need to *brace yourself* (and I mean this in the least shadiest way possible) start treating her like a "has-been". And obviously I don't mean has-been in terms of like Christina Aguilera selling oreos. But we need to treat her like a legacy act. We keep expecting her to compete with the Beyonce's and she's not at that point in her career anymore. She clearly just wants to release music because it's fun to make and be a mother. And I'm 100% here for that. But we and her team need to start respecting that. She could easily release 3, 4, 5 music videos an era even with the amount that she makes now. They just need to stop treating her like a huge big-budget act. If people like Tinashe and smaller acts can release that many videos, so can Brit. 

Now, if Britney clearly wanted to be on top and was failing then I would have a very different tone. But popularity isn't necessary for us to have good material. Her entire team just has to shift in order to adapt. They're still doing **** as if it was 1998 and that stuff don't work anymore!

I'm sure Britney will do one last big era before she officially officially retires. But again as long as the music is good and she's happy and healthy, so am I tbh.

This. As sad as it is to say, she will never be at the top of the industry again, which is perfectly fine. I think most forget that being on top nearly killed her. 

The performances is another situation, but as far as the music goes, Glory was really good. I'm totally down for another album that's equally as good, if not better. A song being a hit doesn't determine how good or bad it is. Some more music videos would be cool, but I wonder if that comes down to Britney really not giving a **** about it at this point, and if that's where she's at, I'm okay with it. 

Just make sure the music is good. I don't care if she wants to remain a legacy act, or if she wanted to be back on top. If the music is amazing, and she is happy and healthy, then I'm totally content with where we're all at.

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46 minutes ago, nels64 said:

And obviously I don't mean has-been in terms of like Christina Aguilera selling oreos.

What are you talking about? The Oreo era has changed the music industry for the first time in years. Really love this journey to Christina's peek. Can't wait for the climax :ohmygawd:

You lot have turned me into a shady *** biotch :rihit:

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On 8/3/2017 at 9:30 AM, BoyToySoldier said:

At this point, she just needs to serve QUALITY. The album must have no fillers. Truly a masterpiece. I don't even know what to lobby for anymore so I'll just go and hope she impresses the critics so she can have acclaim and make year end best of lists.

You want good quality

Well I give you Glory

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7 hours ago, nels64 said:

Yeah and honestly...I don't think Britney needs to make shitty music like that. But if she does want to get back in people's graces. She needs to show she's actually talented and her music has depth beyond *** and dance beats. 

She does this for the love of it, not to be accepted by certain folks

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27 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

Yet Make Me went #1 on itunes 2 times and spent a good amount of time in the top 10, but you say the general public does not care about her midtempo

Yet it charted at #17 on the hot 100, with its peak position being #42 in the UK. Make me is not a hit at all :tiffcackle:

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