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What song do you believe to have had the most complex choreography?

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I can nail every one of them except the Overprotected (darkchild remix) dance break... still to this day my arms always get mixed up on that damn part!!!!! :triggered:


Slave once you get and properly 'feel it', it becomes second nature. In terms of overall complex choreography, I'd say Me Against The Music - that's my favourite one to do, and that's what made me love the song when so many other hated it :(

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Well, let's make it specific, from her music videos this would be my top: 

1. Overprotected album version 

2. Overprotected darkchikd remix

3. Me against the music 

4. Slave, not as sharp as the previous but the fierceness takes it all the credit 

5. TTWE & HIAM at the same level of complexity 


1. The Toxic breakdown from the Onyx hotel tour 

2. Baby/Crazy Billboard/MTV EMA Awards 

3. Me against the music 

4. Slave 

5. Satisfaction/Oops from the Vma's 00

There are much more but she's slayed so many times that a top 5 will never be enough.  


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I was always awed by the speed and technical precision of the breakdown in the original Overprotected:


But I also agree with other posters re: MATM, Boys Remix, and Overprotected Remix as being among her most complex choreo. 

Visually, my favorite is Slave though; when executed correctly, it looks so damn impressive. 

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