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Would Toy Soldier Have Smashed?

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2 hours ago, OCBoy1985 said:

The remix with fabulous got a lot of airplay here in Philly!

That was supposed to be a single mix with him appearing in the video for the urban markets. Such a mishandled era. If only Britney had it together.

19 minutes ago, The Holy Spearit said:

Not really. A lot of Blackout songs didn't really have much potential to smash except maybe Get Naked and that's a solid MAYBE. 

Uhm what? :madonna: 

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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
2 hours ago, OCBoy1985 said:

Had she released this EPIC song?

OFF TOPIC .. Im still in my feelings that we never got a performance of Toy Soldier a disgrace tbh! :embarrassney:

Yes it would have.


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