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why didn't the stemss of Britney Jean leak yet?

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At this point, what's the deal with keep them? :yaknow:

At least just leak the instrumentals, that doesn't kill anybody, right? :verycool:

Why are they keeping them? It's for a selfish reason like always  or  it's just they are the answer of many questions?  :britstare11:

is that why the things didn't leak, because it tells the truth? and they don't want to us to know the truth?  :wannadie:  are too many Myah Marie vocals in the album?  :whitney:


Why can't we have them and try to reconstruct the entire album, i'm pretty sure that we could build some cool Britney Jean 2.0 and try to save our ears ? :urite:

Just i'm saying that i want the Stems you damn d*mb b*tches :lemmetellu:

why is this gif so cool  :foh: ?

Thks for the space 




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