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Britney party in AMsterdam September 16th - who's going?!

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Hey guys!

Saturday September the 16th there is a Britney party in club NYX in Amsterdam! This is a big deal because Britney isn't very popular in the Netherlands at all, so I was wondering who's going as well! I was thinking it might be fun to meet up or something since my friends are willing to come with me but they're not really Britney fans... So, yeah, I was wondering who was going! Let me know! :)  I'll be gone for a bit but I'll respond later! 

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1 hour ago, Dynasty said:

well im from London but i travel to Amsterdam pretty often :mhm: is it worth it me coming tho? Is the club big? will there be a lot of visuals, will there be a lot of crowd? ;mhm: i need answers :otears: 

Its at NYX a pretty big gay club (three floors) but its not a huge place. 

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