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Your least favorite Britney Jean song?

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We all hate Britney Jean but I wonder what makes y'all hate it even more? Like, which song makes you feel disgusted? :nyschool:

I really wanna throw up when I hear Chill*n' W*th Y*u :britstare11: it's like they wrote the lyrics in 3 minutes and the beat, build up, bridge is soooo unnecessary uhhh i really hate it :tbh:

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Just now, kutayuysaler said:

does 6 points mean 6 people had it in their top 5? :mattafact:

i think they're deaf or they just looked at the tracklist without listening to the songs :calculating:

probably trolling btw. Also some of the people who put Body Ache in their Top 5 called it "Ear Ache".

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