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Watch Britney Spears Train Soundtracked To Eve’s “Tambourine”

Jordan Miller

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Britney Spears might be off, but she's still getting to work, *****.

The pop star had fans worried for a second because she hadn't posted anything since July 4th, but that all changed on Wednesday when her Instagram account shared a couple of promotional images from her Private Show VIP photoshoot. That sort of sufficed, but Queen took things up a notch when she shared a bunch of new footage of her working on her fitness. It includes a lot of lifting her leg over her head, and that is much appreciated. There's also a couple of back-tucks and handstand holds thrown in and the occasional dumbbell press.

"Had a couple of weeks off… ha!! Well, not really… been keeping my body strong and motivating myself everyday!!," Britney wrote on Instagram. "There’s nothing like mommy and workout time, the beautiful outdoors, and flipping into gear."

Nice work, Brit! And welcome back. Watch below:

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