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Circus Review


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I have listened to this album before and didn't like some of the tracks so I decided to listen to it again to see how I still feel: Womanizer- An iconic comeback bop that charted top 10 in every country and reminded the industry that Britney can still do THAT. Circus- One of my all time Britney songs, I love how this song describes her as a performer. Out From Under- I didn't like this song at first but now I see why some people say it's one of her best. It gets me in my feels :crying1: such a good song. Kill the Lights- the guy (who I think is Danja) reminding everyone that Britney is the queen of pop, but I love her attitude in this song. A BOP, can someone tell me why this got a video cause it wasn't a single? When will currentney give us videos for non-singles? :mcwave: Shattered Glass- A BOP and should've been a single when they saw that it charted. But a really good pop song. If U Seek Amy- A BOP, one of her best songs, I remember hearing this on the radio in like 3rd grade and thinking it was really a song about a girl named Amy :quirkney: Unusual You- One of Britney's all time best and my favorite from this album. Blur- Such a good song, I love her voice in this track. Thank you @Edge Of Leaving @Chaoscontrol for telling me to listen. Mmm Papi- This is such a guilty pleasure pop song :hype: it's really fun to listen too. Mannequin- Love this song so much and wish it could've been a single. If you wanna just screammmmm, scream your lungs :carpoolney: pop perfection. Lace & Leather- A bop, I really liked it and thought it fit the Circus concept, I know it's about *** but she is kinda saying how she's the boss so I thought it fits the whole ringleader thing. My Baby- this song makes me cry :tifftear:but yes I love how this song is about her boys and I will not accept slander on this song :lemmetellu:. Rock Me In- A bop, I used to hate this song when I first heard but after giving it another listen, I really liked it. I thought it belongs in a movie or something. Phonography- An iconic bop, this song is pop perfection. I see some Britney fans are always hating on this album and I will not let it happen anymore. This is a GREAT pop record and is the reason we call Britney the princess of pop :brit: and I can see Britney had fun with this album. This album also gave us the iconic Circus era and reminded everyone that Britney is THAT *****. She came back strong with this album and I love it. I did this on my phone so I am sorry if it's hard to read.

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Just now, IonutM said:

I agree! Circus is a mastepiece album. I downloaded it last week , alongside ITZ and Blackout. Maybe I'm a flop fan but I love circus the most of these 3 at the moment.:lollipop:

I will post my review of circus next week. Cheers :foh:

Such a great album. I will not accept the hate Britney fans give it. And it gave us the iconic Circus era so how can you hate it?:wyd:

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32 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:


Kill the Lights- the guy (who I think is Danja) reminding everyone that Britney is the queen of pop, but I love her attitude in this song. A BOP, can someone tell me why this got a video cause it wasn't a single? When will currentney give us videos for non-singles? :mcwave:@Edge Of Leaving@Chaoscontrol

They did a contest on BritneySpears.com to create a storyline for i an animated video, an argentinian fan won and they made it. Pretty sure it didn't cost them as much as BTI though.


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Circus was an amazing album. I love her sound now, but it seems like they were determined to make that album a hit so they paid close attention to making it perfect. I wish they put that much effort into the music/promotion now.

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1 hour ago, Chaoscontrol said:

Glad you liked it! And honestly, Mmm Papi gets way too much hate I think. It's not her worst song by ANY means, and it's kinda fun to bop to sometimes! 

I love the whole album:makeitrain:

Mmm papi is the worst song on this album but definitely not her whole discography. I like every song on this album. Glad I gave it another chance because I used to hate some of these tracks.

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Just now, Pedro Dantas said:

There's a few exceptions but she sounds like she's asleep throughout the album. :triggered: Relisten to Unusual You, Blur or Mannequin and you will hear it.

I understand why she seems sad on Unusual You and Blur since they're ballads. But I listen to Mannequin often and never noticed it.

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