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Opinions on Glory after some time has passed

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To me Glory is "A Flawed Masterpiece"! There is not one song I don't like, to be honest, I love every single one of the songs besides Hard to Forget Ya, it's *meh*. There are only two issues I have with the album: it has somewhat lackluster choruses (they aren't bad but it seems like they had writer's block for the choruses) and it has questionable vocal production on a select few of the songs (MATM first verse, Private Show, Invitation chorus).

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Oooh good thread! Here's my opinion on it overall: 

Its one of my favorite albums from her (I flip-flop though, at one point it totally was). My biggest gripe is the choruses. They're so repetitive, and most of them are basically just the name of the song over and over and over:ehno:

Invitation- Solid opener, I still love it though, especially the 'Put your love all over me' line! 

DYWCO- First time I heard it, I was not impressed. In fact, when I lurked here I couldn't believe it was as loved as it seemed to be. It's grown on me though a bit and I can jam from time to time. 

MM- I loved it when it came out and I still do. I found it to be a breath of fresh air compared to her past few albums and I still love it. 

Private Show- Fun song from time to time, nothing more or less. My friends hate it, which I think made me like it a little more, I like to torture them in the car with it:shhh:

MOTM- Loved it at first and still do, for me it's one of the stronger songs on the album, mainly because the chorus is an actual chorus and not just repetitive **** over and over like I said. 

JLM- It's iight, wasn't a huge fan at first but it's grown on me. It's a chill song no doubt, and I like it a lot more than I did at first listen. I don't understand why people find it groundbreaking though:ehum:

Clumsy- It's okay overall, I don't get the hate, but I don't love it either. I'd place it above DYWCO though:thinkney:

SP- A total bop in my opinion, I loved it at first and still do. It always stuck out as a stronger track on the cd for me! 

JLiM- the song would be amazing, but the chorus again.... It's just too repetitive for me to absolutely love it:donewithit:

LMD- I loved it at first! I still do, but again with the chorus thing coming into play. It could've been a huge hit with a stronger chorus! 

HTFY- Kinda smeh, but I bop to it at times. The verses are pretty damn good! 

WYN- Say you want, but I like it! Honestly, I can bop to it more than JLM:forkit:

Better- Still love it :) I overlooked it at first and thought it was good, but overall it's probably my fave track! 

CYM- Ehhhhh, not my favorite. Kinda boring to me to be honest. I know it's a fan favorite, and as I said in another thread I'm sure it would do relatively well as a single, but it's one of the weaker tracks for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it for what it is, but I don't think it's groundbreaking. 

Liar- Loved it the most when I first heard it, now I can see why some people say it's a little basic, but it's still one of my absolute faves off the cd! 

If Im Dancing- This is another one I don't get why everyone obsesses over honestly.:rude2me: It's okay, and one of the more experimental tracks I feel like, but again I don't think it's anything special. I do like it though, don't get me wrong! 

Coupre- smeh. Good closer, and it was a cool idea, I don't love it though. 

Heres my take on the album as it stands now! All this shows me is my taste is different from a lot of exhalers, but that's alright! Variety is the spice of life :) I really do love the album as a whole, and still jam to it probably at least once a week! 

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1 hour ago, On the Scene said:

Despite other ppl bashing your opinion, I appreciate the review. 

For me, Glory has less lasting power than albums like ITZ and BO. Nothing really stands out to me, although I really tried to like it. 

same here

i love Make Me, DYWCO, and Mood Ring, but the whole album feels like a good filler album. Good songs, but nothing outstanding 

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Glory is just missing that massive song...

BOMT had BOMT, OIDIA had Stronger, Britney had Slave, In the Zone had Toxic, Blackout had Gimme More, Circus had Womanizer, Femme Fatale had Till The World Ends, Britney Jean even had one with Work *****...don't see Make Me as that big song 

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My first few listens I loved it.  But I think that was part of the newness and hoping she would promote it.  

Guys - this is what happens when you don't promote your music.  You don't get good producers, and when you do get them, they don't use their best work for you because they know no one will hear/see it.  The worse her albums do in sales,  this cycle will continue. 

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22 minutes ago, DownAndUp said:

Glory is just missing that massive song...

BOMT had BOMT, OIDIA had Stronger, Britney had Slave, In the Zone had Toxic, Blackout had Gimme More, Circus had Womanizer, Femme Fatale had Till The World Ends, Britney Jean even had one with Work *****...don't see Make Me as that big song 

I would even question Femme Fatale with TTWE.  I didn't see TTWE was that great.  Actually I Wanna Go was a much better song than TTWE

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

after all this time, to me, it's easily one of her best.  The only issue I have is that she didn't try to push any envelopes with it.  She went for the same sound a lot of her peers were going for.  That's not a bad thing, but I love when she sets new trends.

She hasn't sounded this, vocally, coherent and involved since "In The Zone".  The album is cohesive and moody.  Her vocals are extremely on point and I LOVE the minimal vocal effects.  You can tell that she, truly, enjoyed creating this album.  I still listen to it every day...I'd say it's either tied with "Blackout" as my second favorite or JUST below "Blackout" at number 3. Either way, she brought it with "Glory" and I hope she builds upon that sound and does some groundbreaking things with B10.  It's sad that her label and team don't know how to market her to the younger generation.  She could easily be putting up big numbers and getting those top 10 hits...of course, singing live would do a LOT for her credibility as an artist...but we all know she will never do that.

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30 minutes ago, PieceOfT said:

My first few listens I loved it.  But I think that was part of the newness and hoping she would promote it.  

Guys - this is what happens when you don't promote your music.  You don't get good producers, and when you do get them, they don't use their best work for you because they know no one will hear/see it.  The worse her albums do in sales,  this cycle will continue. 

Glory is some of her best produced work to date, what are you talking about?  Sales do not determine the quality of an album.   And while it IS nice to see her perform on TV, her promo hasn't exactly given her a big push recently.  Her image needs a revamp and someone needs to finally have the come to Jesus talk with her and let her know that the lipsyncing isn't doing her any good at this point.

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The album still holds up after almost a year. I still really like it, a great song after a great song. The only issue I have with it is that it may sound too much on trend, aka Revival-ish. Which is not a bad thing, Revival is a great album, but I'm pretty sure she liked the album too and wanted the producers to work on Glory too. But it's Britney and she was always one step further from the trend, like with FF, she literally dictated the pop sound. But overall, Glory is a great album and I'm happy we got it simply because now we can see Britney is still passionate about her music and BJ was just a quick mess before POM. So I really am excited about B10.

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 I still love Glory and its currently still in my top 3 favorite Britney albums but it has been just under a year. Who knows if it will still be a favorite in ten+ years like ITZ or Blackout. I love the vibe of the album and her voice sounds real good. I can listen to almost the whole album there are only songs I can't stand (liar and if I'm dancing). There are a handul of songs I don't listen to often but I don't hate them. 

My negative opinions on Glory-

-It isn't experimental or trendsetting, its just following what was already very trendy but it sounds good anyways so whatever.

-Make Me sounds like filler and the ooh oohing annoys the *** out of me. I tried to love it when it first can!e out because it was the more chill wound I was wanting from Britney but I just can't get into it. I like it as an album filler but that's it. 

-This album isn't any more important to Britney than BJ or any other album was, she calls all albums her baby, most personal, blah blah blah but people just wanted to believe it this time because they like the album better than BJ. But Britney doesn't care about Glory. Don't let that stop you from loving the album just don't pretend Britney gives a ****. 


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5 hours ago, Daredevil said:

Glory was released some time ago, and finally, I feel like it is my time to actually and really evaluate it.


- Glory is an above mediocre album. It has a good vibe. It is pretty much coherent. I like that it is not that overprocessed as  FF and BJ. I like the urban vibe that is throughout the album. It is a step forward for Britney

- Ignoring the fact that Britney has not promoted it, It is still nowhere close to any of her albums during the prime (* BOMT and OIDIA are not current albums but at the time they were bops and no one can take this away)

- I still can listen to several songs from Glory. What is pretty much positive.

- Britney chose horrible singles. I mean I liked Slumber Party but maybe for some 3rd or 4th single. Make Me was a horrible choice. 

- Change your mind is definitely the best song of the album. It is different, good vibe and ****.

- Still, Glory is missing a lead, loud, great song that stands out.


1. Invitation - I love the vibe of the song but the vocals are overprocessed what really destroys it. Still one of my favorites of the album.

2. Do you wanna come over? - I am not a fan of this song. I mean it is not bad, but I cannot imagine Britney including such song during her prime to any of the albums

3. Make Me - It is an interesting song. No doubts. Just it sounds outdated and sounded outdated when she released it. Not a lead single.

4. Private Show - This song is a joke. Maybe a good song for a promo of a perfume.

5. Man on the Moon - This is a pure BJ quality song. Better should be included there.

6. Just Luv Me - Very good song. Should have been a remix with someone like Justin Bieber, or Frank Ocean.

7. Clumsy - Should have been included in FF. Would fit there...

8. Slumber Party - Is a good song. Not really a single material that much. A bit too slow or too boring to catch people's attention.

9. Just Like Me - I am sorry I don't understand this song. It is annoying.

10. Love Me Down - An OK song. One of the better ones, but I can't imagine myself listening to it daily.

11. Hard to Forget Ya - Already forgotten how it sounds.

12. What You Need - This is not a good song.

13. Better - I really like this song, mainly the beginning. Not a single material but sounds good and is very listenable and danceable

14. Change Your Mind - Can imagine this song or ITZ. It is a very good song with great and positive vibes. I am already imagining **** video and baaaam

15. Liar - A fine song. Sounds good. Nothing special tho.

16. If I'm Dancing - This is a fun song. Just that. 

17. Coupure - Filler

18. Mood Ring - I love this song, actually. Not a single material. Would appreciate a feature too. But a very very good song.






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I'll never understand why you all hate Make Me so much. In my opinion it was a great choice for the 1st single, it showed us that she was going to release something different and not her typical max martin pop song. And Slumber Party is an amazing song too. The thing is, a ft. was totally unnecessary. Tinashe didn't add anything new or exciting to the song.

And even though I loved the album when it was released, now it's outside my top 5 or maybe it's the #5. It may be a silly thing but the lyrics kind of ruined it for me. I hate that she only sings about ***, or at least 90%. It's stupid. Oh, and the repetitive lyrics annoys me... I love Just Like Me and Love Me Down but... :nochillbrit: But besides that, I still listen to the same songs and skip the same songs, I would say it's 50-50. 

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