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Opinions on Glory after some time has passed


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Glory was released some time ago, and finally, I feel like it is my time to actually and really evaluate it.


- Glory is an above mediocre album. It has a good vibe. It is pretty much coherent. I like that it is not that overprocessed as  FF and BJ. I like the urban vibe that is throughout the album. It is a step forward for Britney

- Ignoring the fact that Britney has not promoted it, It is still nowhere close to any of her albums during the prime (* BOMT and OIDIA are not current albums but at the time they were bops and no one can take this away)

- I still can listen to several songs from Glory. What is pretty much positive.

- Britney chose horrible singles. I mean I liked Slumber Party but maybe for some 3rd or 4th single. Make Me was a horrible choice. 

- Change your mind is definitely the best song of the album. It is different, good vibe and ****.

- Still, Glory is missing a lead, loud, great song that stands out.


1. Invitation - I love the vibe of the song but the vocals are overprocessed what really destroys it. Still one of my favorites of the album.

2. Do you wanna come over? - I am not a fan of this song. I mean it is not bad, but I cannot imagine Britney including such song during her prime to any of the albums

3. Make Me - It is an interesting song. No doubts. Just it sounds outdated and sounded outdated when she released it. Not a lead single.

4. Private Show - This song is a joke. Maybe a good song for a promo of a perfume.

5. Man on the Moon - This is a pure BJ quality song. Better should be included there.

6. Just Luv Me - Very good song. Should have been a remix with someone like Justin Bieber, or Frank Ocean.

7. Clumsy - Should have been included in FF. Would fit there...

8. Slumber Party - Is a good song. Not really a single material that much. A bit too slow or too boring to catch people's attention.

9. Just Like Me - I am sorry I don't understand this song. It is annoying.

10. Love Me Down - An OK song. One of the better ones, but I can't imagine myself listening to it daily.

11. Hard to Forget Ya - Already forgotten how it sounds.

12. What You Need - This is not a good song.

13. Better - I really like this song, mainly the beginning. Not a single material but sounds good and is very listenable and danceable

14. Change Your Mind - Can imagine this song or ITZ. It is a very good song with great and positive vibes. I am already imagining **** video and baaaam

15. Liar - A fine song. Sounds good. Nothing special tho.

16. If I'm Dancing - This is a fun song. Just that. 

17. Coupure - Filler

18. Mood Ring - I love this song, actually. Not a single material. Would appreciate a feature too. But a very very good song.




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34 minutes ago, Isla. said:

You say you can listen to several songs from Glory and that it's an above mediocre album but judging from that review you really only like a few at the very most.  

I rated positively and/or neutral 8/18 songs. I think that is pretty good as it is almost half 

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43 minutes ago, IonutM said:

Let me tell you that you are too pessimistic. You like to show and enhance the bad of every song and if that song doesn't have a major flaw you make it to be. That's just my opinion. :flawlessbye:

I believe you are right with saying I am too pessimistic. I pointed out the things I don't like more that those that I do like. 

Even though I think it is a good album. Rated almost half of the songs neutral or positive, just I can't lie and say it is my favorite album, you know. 



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I still like the album.

even though I think Make Me was a great single choice,

I agree that SP shouldn't have been a single, its a great filler though.

Songs I skip are  Clumsy, What You Need,  If I'm Dancing, and Coupure

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2 minutes ago, SexyJeans said:

I think you judge how great a song is with how successful it is :gross:

but that's just my opinion :mattafact:

That is why I love Change your Mind, Mood Ring, Better, etc.? Because of them being successful?


I don't agree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion. 


P.S. One of my favorite songs is Love Let Go and it was never officially released. 

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Its an ok album with good vocals.

Aside from a few tracks it feels very chart based and seems to me like an attempt to make her music relevant again by following the formula of Selena Gomez's music. Make Me is still the strongest track on the album its a shame it didn't receive proper single treatment.

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