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What's your favorite Britney Song rn?

Guest $elfish

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Guest $elfish
4 minutes ago, DaRealMVP said:

None tbh. I'm in a none Britney phase. Her music is not thrilling me right now.

Sorry :eheeek:

I've been like that for a while too tbh but I went back to check out britney ( the album ) and ended up liking what it's like to be me:hipney:

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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
2 hours ago, $elfish said:

Mine is what it's like to be me 

such a timeless bop:milkney:

OMG SAME:mattafact: What It's Like To Outsell Like Me is iconic.

I've changed it like twice today but it'll be WILTBM for a few days, love it. I associate it a lot with She'll Never Be Me which is also iconic and timeless.

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