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Larry is such a good manager tbh


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Not really


But now that you've opened this, Larry, put your reading glasses on and take notes :NYsassy:


- GOOD buzz single to get public attention back on her music (britney doesnt even have to perform it anywhere)

- PROPER music videos

- Spotify/Apple music banners& promo

- good merch. 90% of the merch on britney spears store is ugly. take notes from big artists

- no more cheap album cover/billboards/promo photoshoots/red carpet looks anymore. If you want Britney to be cool to listen to again, she's gotta look cool


And one last thing, get britney in for some serious vocal training. The **** airplane director choreography thing you guys are going for right now already looks tacky and will only get worse with years to come. If you'll want to be collecting vegas paychecks in years to come, it just wont work. See what I did there? :wannadie:


Some positive reinforcement for you: At least the music was good last era


Have a nice day!

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Also, a killer choreo to gain some respect again in the dancing world, cause all the dancers I know say she can't dance anymore.

And also, and most important, WORLDWIDE TOUR. I mean, going to London is not promoting in Europe, and recording a message in spanish is not promo for whole South America. They are so lame. :zoomzoom:

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People keep saying that it's Brits fault but honestly...it's more him, I mean she was on top of the world when she had Johnny Wright as a manager and that was when she really took off and got the best of everything. Now that he's gone, it really exposes how incompetent Larry is. 

I mean she's capable of being on top without having to do much but she needs a good team to back her up and no one on her team are like experts in their field. It's not like her dad knows a thing or two about the industry and Larry is a dinosaur.

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