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Maybe Britney is doing something after all

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Madonna just posted a rehearsal clip of her doing Open Your Heart. Madonna's Like a Virgin dress was featured in the VMA clip and that's why they think she will perform am the VMAs.

Britney hasn't been active in social media for 2 weeks and was spotted wuth her vocal coach before she went inactive. People believe she was teaching a dance class to the kids but let's be real: her vocal coach wouldn't be there if it were for a kids class.

Britney's performance with Banana the python makes a "cameo" in the VMA as well. 

Why would they only pick those 2 items if they weren't up for something...just makes no sense. I mean, MJ performed there too and he isn't "mentioned" at all...

Calle delusional all you want but with Madonna posting this clip out of nowhere, I think it's quite suspicious Britney went silence...

The video can be seen here:


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Just now, The Holy Spearit said:

Realistically she's just spending time with her sons, Lexie and Sam. She probably got bored of social media. I'm sure she'll return soon. Stuff like VMAs doesn't enthuse Britney anymore. I think she's just relaxing in her home until the next leg of POM starts. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but being a Britney fan we just have to expect the worst and accept that this social media silence means nothing.

Oh yeah I forgot to add that Britney her kids went bowling with Jamie Lynn and Maddie with again, no sign of Britney

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49 minutes ago, carlogiovanni said:

Nothing is happening. The vocal coach lady owns the dance studio where Britney teaches the kids. :mj:


I'm sure nothing is happening either. But it is pretty weird that she hasn't posted anything. She usually posts at least a picture (and sometimes a video of the basic choreo) when she teaches, doesn't she?

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I think Britney is definitely taking a break, could be recovering from the jetlag, maybe recovering from having a flu (many people are down with flu in Asia), having private family time after being away for a month...

Whatever it is, I hope she's getting enough rest and enjoying life offline! 



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MJ is paid tribute to, though. They do the moonwalk in that ad. And frankly, the reason why they showed Madge's dress and Banana was because those are the most iconic performances of the VMAs, period. It doesn't guarantee that they're performing. :ehno:

I'm not trying to be the one to piss on your parade, but I'm not getting my hopes up on the VMAs ever again.

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I think that VMAs commercial just shows the iconic moments... And believe it or not, Britney's references are the most iconic... that's it.
Nobody remember what Rihanna did or what Beyonka did....


And Britney right now is probably painting :unbothered:

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