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How would you feel about a movie like this about Britney?

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How would you feel if they created something like this about Britney's life so far? Using footage from interviews, photoshoots, speaking to those who know her. No bad acting, no fake scenes, no melodrama... just a brutally real documentary about Britney's life so far.

It's well known that this documentary pissed off Amy's family so nothing was pre-approved or censored. Imagine that Team B would literally have no involvement or say over it's content.

Would you be here for it?

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20 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

Missing out on some good laughs :saycheese:

Not even. Just some secondhand embarrassment. :gross:

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7 hours ago, ShowdownITZ said:

No I died when "Britney" texted K-Fed "I wnt to divorce u" :giggleney:

Okay that was kind of funny :cuteneylaugh:

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