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"Britney: Live In Concert" Box Office: where is it??

Hungry Hun

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Where is it people? :outwithit:

Does somebody know? Because I need the receipts of that slayge in my desk right now :lemmetellu:

Britney Army ain't here to play, we need facts by our side so we can show those **** *** haters wuts good :beynah:

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and had my Britard moment. She's an Ariana **** and the ***** had the nerve to say Britney doesn't have audcience enough to go on a world tour again. I was like "*****, hold my beer!" and showed the video of Britney in Tel Aviv, the fans singing sometimes in Manila, she arriving in Singapore and the crowd going crazy in the first Japan date and she was like "wow I didn't know that, she is still relevant isnt's she?" and I said "Of course. It's Britney, *****" :staysalty:

Another friend arrived a bit later and caught the end of the conversation said "don't bad mouth Britney in front of him, or he's gonna make you turn into a Britney fan in 10 seconds":urite:

@Larry Rudolph be a good manager and provide us the receipts already :whitney:




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Just now, Iexpectyouto said:

I've been wondering this too. I heard somewhere that the ticket sales from this tour would push her past beyonce in the rankings for highest grossing touring female 

Yeah, I heard she passed Beyoncé in that rank with her Tel Aviv show alone. That's why we need receipts. Watch Beyoncé fans start talking Britney failed to achieve that because Beyoncé is the most talented artist of all time in all galaxies and bla bla bla :gross:

Just now, dasho said:

it isnt out yet i think

I wonder how long is gonna take :calculating:

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6 hours ago, BethanyJerome said:

She's still counting the money, that's why you don't hear from her lately.


1 hour ago, onyxhotel09 said:

I am still shocked she did only 9 shows. I thought she would do some Europe dates as well. 

She did 11 shows...

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