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Skrillex On Britney

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Today I met Skrillex and first thing I remembered was he met Britney in Vegas a year ago or so.

So I asked him how was meeting Britney in Vegas? He goes "Oh ,Britney Spears! She was great. If you like Britney go see the show, it's really great."

I wish I had a chance to asked him something more, or maybe the way I asked at first wasn't the right way. Maybe I should have been like "How was she in person" or smt like that.

Anyways, this guy is extremely down to earth and you can tell he's a good soul, pure soul.

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5 hours ago, popprison said:

no wayyy where did you meet him? And I think he is amazing! His music is so dope tbh...if you meet him again, please say that her fans would love for him to do some Brit songs!! 

I met him twice ,there's a chance I'll meet him again, hopefully.

I'll definitely tell him he should work on Britney's new music...

I met him through work stuff... Can't really tell much.

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4 hours ago, Thecodeman25 said:

Is there something off about Lexie? Not being rude..... she just seems a little different.

Most kids are like that. At my work, I photograph a lot of kids and they get very distracted. It takes a village behind me trying to get them to look at the camera. I mean look at the ooh la la video where her boys gave the same expression. Some kids are photogenic but most aren't. Also I think she might take after her dad as Bryan is not that photogenic and rarely appears on camera except to diss on Britney lol 

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