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Let's settle this already: is britney a right wing capitalist republican or a Left wing socialist/communist?


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32 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:

 I am unaware of Britney's political leanings; however, I do know that socialism and communism are distinct political ideologies, and thus cannot be used interchangeably.


Ok Except for the fact that socialism amd comunism are exactly THE SAME. Bot use different ways but have the same end which is destroying a whole society.

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35 minutes ago, Godllory said:

Probably she is not capitalist... 

She is clearly a social democrat, i meam, she is so ******* rich yet she still uses clothes from when she was 19. That clearly shows that she isnt here for savage capitalism. Also remember that time on for the record where a dress cost a hundred and something and she was like "oh thats too expensive"

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1 hour ago, crawi said:

Ok Except for the fact that socialism amd comunism are exactly THE SAME. Bot use different ways but have the same end which is destroying a whole society.

Wow, well, you certainly made your own political leanings abundantly clear.

I'm sorry, but you are simply incorrect regarding these concepts. For example, socialism can coexist with capitalism; in contrast, capitalism must be abolished prior to the implementation of communism. 

And that is simply one facet in describing their respective differences both politically and economically, although the discrepancies are far more significant with regard to the latter (e.g., there are key differences pertaining to the distribution of wealth, ownership of personal property, etc which exist between the two schools of thought).

Further, you cannot conflate conservatism with capitalism; the former is political ideology, while the latter is economic policy.

Similarly, Obama/HRC are liberals socially, yet advocate for the free market economically. There has never been a socialist or communist American president, as that is not the basis of U.S. economic policy. Overall, in the US, there are two overarching political parties: liberals (Democratic) and conservatives (Republican). Their platforms are discrepant both socially and economically; however, both are implemented within a capitalist system.

So, while the Democratic Party endorses a free market, they do not believe there should be a massive disparity in terms of wealth inequality; therefore, they believe millionaires/billionaires should pay more taxes than individuals in lower-to-middle class families to help assuage that disparity. In contrast, the GOP endorses more tax cuts for the wealthy, as they believe this will incentivize others to become equally wealthy, which is associated with the "trickle-down system" they cite (i.e., if the richest citizens are permitted to become even wealthier through tax breaks and fewer regulations, then this will purportedly eventually provide benefit to the least wealthy).

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