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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You

Do y'all remember that time a fan jumped on stage at the Mohegan Sun date of the Circus Tour and she literally freaked out, were any of in the audience? How was it watching the fan approaching Britney knowing that her mental health maybe wasn't 100% stable? And was this the only time a fan jumped on stage?

In this vid she literally dances in front of him, just meters away, for 40 seconds (1:56 - 2:36)... creepy.

In this vid she literally dances in front of him for 40 seconds from 1:56 till 2:36... creepy:awks:

Here y'all can see the security guard noticing the fan and someone who seems to be telling her team of what's happening, tbh I don't get why the security guard waits for the dancers to do something to then act, maybe he was too nervous... 



BONUS: front view. 

If anyone could link me threads from 2009 about this iconic moment that'd be great cause I can't seem to find them. But has no one been interested about her career since the FFT to do something like this?:nicki2:


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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
3 minutes ago, BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial said:

Her security guard had ONE JOB. He failed and got fired that night :queenflopga: 

poor baby got slow reflexes 

 :dead: Did he actually?

4 minutes ago, Derrick said:

The reaction always made me sad. She was so scared. I want to know who the guy was. Did we ever hear what happened to him? 

He had to pay a fine, that's all I know.

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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
5 minutes ago, -OnMyRadar- said:

Funny how I was watching this earlier. Does anyone remember in another show where people were smoking and at the end of Radar she wasn't having it and then they announced that the show wasn't going to go on til the smoke cleared?

Yeah, I saw that the other day. And some people still have the nerve to claim that tour wasn't iconic:weusay:

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I think that no one was expecting, but her team and the security were both really slow. Maybe that man didn't want to jump on stage in the middle of the performance? :nocomprende: And I had never seen the second video, it's kinda funny how they fall from the stage lol

Anyway, I don't know him but that was REALLY stupid. It was absolutely unnecessary, and not only him. All the fans that jump on stage at any show. :nochillbrit:

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