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If Britney will release a visual/surprise album...?

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14 songs

14 music videos (3 very shocking videos, the other more artistic simple videos)

a surprise release

radio interviews

ellen and fallon interview

3 big performances >>> / no more promo



1. will you support?

2. will you buy it?

3. commercial success ... do the gp is here for this idea?


yes / no 






:bigkiss: lov you all :kiss:




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14 minutes ago, BritneyRocksMe said:

Sis we've gotten 5 videos in the past 5 years, 14 is asking a lot :yaknow: 

The good sis Britney barely makes time to rehearse for her vegas shows, who's going to plan these videos and all of the performances?

But she's secretly recording new vocals and new choreos for her last POM shows :yaknow:
























according to  Fiebre Britney:tiffsniffle:



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