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This made me really emotional

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I think we sometimes forget everything she's gone through.

yes I'll admit I get frustrated but seeing those clips of her being hospitalized the days she cried alone - girl go on do whatever u want to do.

youve provided joy to so many people it's time for you to have the ultimate joy in your life. I feel bad sometimes for not being as understanding and calling her out on her laziness. 

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I want to tie my family up and make them watch this from start to finish... They are ignorant to who she is, what she has achieved and what she has been through and overcame. When she joined Xfactor and was the highest ever paid judge my mum was like "what's so special about Britney Spears?" and made this face :nydisgust:

A sequence of my response to her:



Then Britney was a mess the entire series and my mum thought she was a ***** :mariahstare:

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