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The Gimme More single cover artwork makes me laugh


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It's so random. The random Britney sideways across the side in a sloppy font, no Spears, and then Gimme More on the other side in the smallest, most basic font, Arial, and also not sideways. It's just so random. It looks good though.

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6 hours ago, Someone Who Knows said:

I love it


53 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

I think it's one of her best single covers. "BRITNEY", doesn't need a last name cuz u know hew it is :queenflopga: 



Also the "Britney" font is iconic. When you use 2 fonts you don't wanna make it look cheesy with 2 fancy fonts, it looks tacky, messy, so it was smart to have Gimme More in a standard font.

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