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(POLL): Do you own all of Britney's studio albums?

Do you own all of Britney's studio albums?  

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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
14 minutes ago, Itachi said:

no not yet. I guess it's also because Spotify makes it easier to "own" an album. i do plan to buy it one day default_christinanod.gif.d1a146dd5a9dc59c7701b322cb0fe913.gif

PROMISE me you'll get B10 during the debut week:lemmetellu:

Hun we can't have that 25k debut:wendycry:

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10 minutes ago, Edge Of Leaving said:

PROMISE me you'll get B10 during the debut week:lemmetellu:

Hun we can't have that 25k debut:wendycry:

but i sneak away live in the philippines, hun. :saycheese: album sales don't matter here, also we usually get later release dates of the physical copies. BJ for example was released late January 2014 here

i can't if B10 will break Xtinct's Lotus 1st week sales :lanacackle:

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1 hour ago, On the Scene said:

I didn't bother purchasing Britney Jean in any format. Only bought the digital version of Glory. 

Femme Fatale was the last album that I went and bought a physical copy along with the digital, like BOMT thru Circus.

Same. I own both digital and physical of all the records, but I didn't buy the pre-ITZ albums digitally until last year.

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10 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

I've got all of them physical. And they're all my original copies I bought within the first week of release.

stupid thing is I have 2 copies of britney jean and 3 copies of glory just because I know she's flopping and wanted to help her.

same... i do have tons of copies of her albums tbh

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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
29 minutes ago, Da Bubblah said:


I don't even have any device to put a cd on nowadays 

Wb itunes?

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  • Exhale+
22 minutes ago, jamesedward94 said:

You're on the leading Britney forum openly admitting this? 





You have ballz. Haha.

How do you live with yourself, not owning a single B item?  I sleep with a deluxe edition Blackout CD under my pillow as I pray to Godney every night. It is my holy treasure!!  :carpoolney:  :brit:

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Guest Arckangel
3 hours ago, GemmaTeller said:

I've lost some of my physical copies over time and I probably won't ever re purchase them because I just don't really ever listen  CDs anymore but I have owned them all at one point. 

But there's something special about a physical album (the whole package) that you can hold in your hands. Same thing for physical singles that are becoming rare.

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No, I stopped buying her albums since BJ. I did buy Work ***** and Make Me when they were released though. Here are the ones I have:

  1. BOMT
  2. OIDIA
  3. Britney
  4. ITZ
  5. BITM1
  6. GH:MP
  7. Blackout
  8. Blackout (Japan Edition)
  9. Circus (Target 2-Disk w/ DVD)
  10. The Singles Collection (Box Set)
  11. Femme Fatale Deluxe
  12. BITM2
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