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If Britney becomes HER, would you still stan?

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5 minutes ago, Mr. Lucky said:


Is it a possibility? Would you support this new performing style? :idkney:



Discuss xoxo:outwithit:

I thought about it when I saw the this video before.  :tiffcackle: but I will her stan forever!!!!  :whitney:

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2 minutes ago, OopsOverprotected said:


And noo!!! I really hope Britney won't end up like this... that's really embarrassing.

No singing and NO DANCING. That's too much.

great minds think alike :lemmetellu: xoxo <3


5 minutes ago, I am Max. said:

I wouldnt pay to see her, however I would still buy her music if the album is good.

Me too. But I love her so much. I don't know if I would forgive some kind of lipsyncing at that point tho. :(

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1 minute ago, Mayenaise said:

Wtaf :madonna:why would she even do that :orangu:

This makes half-assney look like ******* MJ.

That little bob she does... :selenerz:

lololol i can't stop watching it. it's hilarious.

she's half-assing but she's so unapologetic about it lol and the fans cheer on... 

only Mariah... I hope Britney doesn't become her tho  :selenerz:

4 minutes ago, Godllory said:

I thought about it when I saw the this video before.  :tiffcackle: but I will her stan forever!!!!  :whitney:


You know what is kind of worrisome... 

that just like Mariah, fans tend to cheer on these extremly, uhm, halfassed moments of POM:

Let's just hope Britney doesn't get the wrong message...


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1 minute ago, Shadow. said:

I would still be interested in her music and support her as a person but i would just continue to not care for her performances :tiffcackle: 

i see your point :idkney:


12 minutes ago, QueenCoco said:

Atleast Mariah sings live.

oh does she now :NYsassy:

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Just now, Mr. Lucky said:

i might have to start doing the same... still, not feeling disappointed is kinda hard.:idkney:

Were you a fan during 2011-2013? Because watching her slowly lose interest and ruin her career is what made me lose interest tbh, its sad but i dont expect much from britney anymore

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