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Onyx Hotel Tour


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Please be gentle.....or drag gently....

I was watching videos of the HBO special for The Onyx Hotel Tour last night.   Did she actually sing that live or was it pre-recorded vocals?  I know a lot of the areas were lip synced, however during the performance of Touch of My Hand, it looks/sounds like she was actually singing.....



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I think the whole tour was a mix of playback, live vocals only (Everytime, shadow) and live vocals with the backtrack. But here I think it's 100% playback but with pre-recorded vocals. It doesn't sounds like he album track to me, it's slightly different

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I only think this one was live when she gets to the chorus.  Her voice drops off at the end of the phrases like.... just discovered.   She must have been really good at lip syncing that.  I wish they did POM with a live band and background singers like this tour and used the playback just for her voice  It just seemed way more strategic to make it seem like she was actually singing.   Le sigh.....

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