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Britney Spears’ “Make Me” Transformed Into Robotized Banger From Producer theHalfStyle: BreatheHeavy Premiere

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This will make you move.

This will make you move.

Can you believe it's been almost exactly a year (July 15, 2016) since "Make Me" debuted? To honor the flawless lead Glory single, producer Sean Davis A.K.A. theHalfStyle crafted an electro-tinged re-working of the track. Buzzing synths and warbly notes engulf Britney's angelic vocals and transforms the track into a monstrous club anthem.

“When I first heard ‘Make Me,’ it reminded me of some of the more overtly ****** Britney songs in the past,” theHalfStyle tells BreatheHeavy.com, adding Britney is one of the main reasons he dove into music production. “This isn’t tongue-in-cheek Britney, this is as direct as ‘Inside Out.’ This song is about being good in bed, so I wanted to strip out any semblance of love and play up the lust.”

“For me the original production of ‘Make Me’ was so hopeful and romantic that it didn’t give me that sweat covered ‘Slave 4 U’ Britney that I envisioned when I first listened to the lyrics of the song," he continued. "My main focus was keeping the her voice front and center by making the song fairly minimal until the chorus hits. The key elements of this song are definitely insane bass sounds, strange vocal sounds and a range of drums that use trap-style patterns without dating the song too much.”

theHalfStyle added: "To me, she has been the ultimate curator when it comes to a sonic palette that suits her. Whatever limitations she may or may not have holds no bearing when you can feel that she believes in a song."

Listen below:

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