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Britney should work with Burns and mischke again for #B10


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Burns produced one of her best tracks ever and mischke was involved in almost the whole album production. They both make great music.

We need julia and justin back agai but we also need new writers who improve her lyrics even more. Maybe Sia? Some ghost writers?

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3 minutes ago, Body ache said:

Burns needs to do a little better. MM was too slow for a first single.

It's not his fault Britney's team choose it as first single

still the song is fcking amazing, and has the best production of all the songs on the album :staysalty:

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28 minutes ago, DJSLAYZEE said:

Bring back- 

britney as executive producer


bloodshy or avant 

Sia - writing

Get these new guys:

DJ Khaled


+ DJ White Shadow + Danja... 

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9 minutes ago, Camilo said:

Not if he does artflop 2.0 :mattafact:

Burns, He made God Me, so yes :lemmetellu:

DJ white shadow is a good producer,  If you look at the previous jobs of Gaga. :lemmetellu: Not Artflop. 

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