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What's the most heartrending Britney song?

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    • It’s been happening where have you been? Everyone from a respectable news source, to her lawyer, to Britney herself has stated this book has been in the works. Seriously I think the people like you that think this really wanna die on that hill that it isn’t happening when we’ve been told multiple times it is.
    • I do tend to believe there might be some truth to this in a sense that a lot of people were close to Britney back in the day and they probably know her deepest ans darkest secrets. So she has to be careful what she says. Otherwise they might reveal those things. How bad can it be though? I guess that's why people are careful with what they say. Especially celebrities. She should focus on her family and what they did. More than Justin Timberlake etc 
    • The AI thing scares me….that being said I love this song and I think this AI version actually does sound like Britney 😬 thanks for sharing 
    • I appreciate how respectful and indepth your comment is. And yes, to clarify, i do not hate any artist (Taylor included). It's just that sometimes we look at some artists and, despite appreciating then and even supporting them, we have a hard time not to pinpoint things that we dislike about them or annoy us. I know that nowadays, in this age when poptimism has largely changed into cheering on your favs, it's hard to be objective and critical of them, even when there are some obvious flaws and issues, but I try to stay as open-minded as possible. We're all Britney fans here, but being a fan doesn't mean we ignore or turn the blind eye to all the negative or annoying aspects of hers... She (as well as all the other celebs) is a human so it's natural she has things that may annoy us in her and we may dislike in her.
    • I don't really hate anyone, I'm simply not bothered by those I don't like. But as a Britney fan I do hate, in general, the fact that pop artists that came after Britney, had it much easier than Britney, in a lot of aspects. Britney, despite all the fame and success she had, she also had a lot of detractors and people that mocked her or her music, or you know, I don't even have to mention how the media treated her, and that's without counting what her family did to her. I mean, I know there's a lot of factors that come into play and we'll never know where her career would've gone to if it wasn't for the conservatorship, but it seems like she came out at this weird moment in time where at the beginning she was seen as too young to be recognized as a true artist, but then by the time the digital era came, she was seen as this old *** act that didn't have a place among younger/newer acts. There seems to be a resurgence and a slight shift regarding how people see her as an artist and her music nowadays, especially after the FreeBritney movement, but even if her Spotify numbers are doing great now, I feel like they should be way higher, at the very least, everything from Circus onwards. Like if you see the Youtube numbers of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Gaga, Taylor, etc, Britney should be at that level or even higher, everything from Womanizer on. So, I respect those other singers even if I'm not a diehard fan, they're doing their thing so good for them, I just hate that they never had to endure what Britney did, and again, leaving the personal stuff aside, the cship and so, which of course had a lot to do with her career, but they never had the amount of scrutiny or criticism, career-wise, that Britney did. I'm glad that nowadays, older videos like Toxic, BOMT, Oops are the most watched on her channel, but they only increased their views around 2015. They should've always received that amount of views since the beginning. Or, in the other hand, the videos that used to be her most watched, like I Wanna Go, TTWE, WB, Womanizer, etc, don't get as many views anymore, when they should be at least at the same numbers as Scream & Shout. So I don't know, it's this feeling of unfairness towards Britney that will always make me give the side eye to all the artists that came after or during the rise of the digital era.
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