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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
1 hour ago, Michaelgiftos said:

Neither will ever happen but I'm kinda curious which one people would prefer I'm personally over the whole MM video fiasco and would rather have IID, Better, DYWCO, or LMD released as a single with an amazing video like SP but if the third single was a collab I'd rather have the OG video

It'd rather LMD was the lead as it's good and we would've gotten a Top 5:forkit:

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I mean, a third single at this point is pointless and a loss for the label so it will never happen, but I would have preferred a different Make Me video (not sure if the original one... just a different video that's not cheesy) and maybe then, the era would have started with the right foot and we would have gotten a third single. In my dreams I always wanted Change Your Mind with Enrique Iglesias or Maluma. 

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