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I posted this in the other thread but idc because Make Me gives me so much feelings :gross:


I was on holiday at the time with pretty much no wifi/3G and some amazing exhaler sent me a download link. Out at a bar I downloaded it and secretly listened to it on repeat the rest of the holiday.

I was hooked. The stripped production, the clear vocals, the cool sound. the trademark 'weird' Britney lyrics like 'Penelope in Blow' and the whole 'Sapphire sun' mix up made it interesting, I even loved G-Eazy, a cool, young rapper who would hopefully introduce Britney to the younger market. It was like Unusual You on acid, and all we ever asked for after years of auto-tune heavy EDM bangers.

Being on a sun holiday meant I probably was pretty bias, but the song to me embodies Summer, long, hot days by the pool etc and I began imaging a video like Slave. I thought, after all Britney's talk about a mature, artsy album, this was going to be the era she sat down with a mic and sang live. I could picture this performance in the middle of POM during a new, chill acoustic session.

I was still away when the video leaked and although it was super ****** and weird I was so happy she was doing something different, being experimental etc Another amazing exhaler sent me the download link and again I played it on repeat. I remember the rumours saying the video would leak any second and since I had no wifi, every night we went out to town I was sure the full video would be waiting for me. Even the artwork was perfect, suited the song amazingly, the outfit was CLASSIC Britney, I felt like everything was falling into place perfectly for the first time sonce I became a fan (2008).

When I got home and the real video was released I was honestly in shock. I've genuinely watched the video only twice. It is laughable and is a blot on Britney's almost flawless videography. I cannot believe her and her extensive team thought that was ok. I wasn't even that mad the first video didn't come out, these things happen, and if she wasn't ok with it, whatever, but the official release is a pure joke.

The dance rehearsal was leaked and I thought, oh she's dancing to this song? At least it looks pretty good, the floor moves are awesome.

Then it just kept going downhill, there was so much promo lined up (by Britney standards) and it was one wasted opportunity after another. The performances were typical current Britney. Bland, uninspired, **** but basic. She removed any difficult moves. The song is shoved into a section o POM where it doesn't belong and nothing about the production from the screens to the costumes evokes the song's vibe to me at all.

The VMA promo video was amazing but the performance was another waster opportunity. We were so sure that the 'real' video was going to be released or she was going to sing live or that she was going to do the 'original' choreo because she wouldn't debut it on POM as a surprise. Again she looked great but it was just a fine performance. The changing the mic to lipsynch and then mess up the lyrics completely killed it for me.

Carpool was a bust, the Ellen show was a bust, she cancelled the AMAs, her festivals were all fine (I think POM is an good show, I don't hate it) but it brought nothing new.

I really like Glory, but it's still a **** pop album, but with more Britney involvement, which is good. However, it got the BJ treatment and all the passion she put into is now gone. 

Sorry for the long post, but the whole Make Me and Glory campaign has pushed me to stop caring about Britney in the same way. The whole pre album campaign was so promising. Britney was back in control, POM 2.0 and to a lesser extent the BBMAs got huge coverage as Britney being back, passionate and loving it. 

In a few months all that passion was gone. It was her big chance to revamp her image, her performance style and find her place in the 2017 pop landscape and instead she just continued on the same trajectory she has for the last decade and put in less than half her full potential.


Is this the longest exhale essay ever:triggered:

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The video was released a day before my birthday and I was like MY QUEEN IS RELEASING THIS FLAWLESS VIDEO FOR MY BDAY and I knew absolutely nothing about it being scrapped because I didn't have Exhale and I was so excited watching it, I thought after she drove to the audition building, the scene with her and all her dancers from the leaked video would be there but it wasn't. I was so confused. :sassybrit:

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17 minutes ago, reecejwilson said:

I thought after she drove to the audition building, the scene with her and all her dancers from the leaked video would be there but it wasn't. I was so confused. :sassybrit:

Confused isn't the right word. Horrified suits this moment better 


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