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BJ Writing Credits

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32 minutes ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

They knew Japan is one of the smartest countries and they know they couldn't trick them Asians to believe Brinny wrote or co wrote these tracks:uknowit:

Team B thought we were to stupid to ever find this difference out:uknowit:

It only took us 4 years :haha:

Actually, I found this out in like 2014, when I got my copy :orangu: 

But at the time, I thought my copy was fake because of the missing credits

But with KP's demo leaking etc. I guess this is the realest :tiffcackle:

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1 hour ago, Isla. said:

Were those extra Passenger lyrics in the Katy Perry demo? I never got around to listening to it in the end. 

Yup, those are the extra lyrics, but I never heard the other line even in the demo (Hearts been broken)

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4 hours ago, neel21 said:

Yup, those are the extra lyrics, but I never heard the other line even in the demo (Hearts been broken)

Hmm that's interesting. Maybe they wrote them and just never used them in the end but still printed them in the Japanese booklet for some reason.

I remember something similar happened with Piece Of Me and Outta This World in the Japanese edition of Blackout's booklet in which they had different lyrics in the final version. Outta This World had a different intro which was in the demo that leaked and is sung by Keri Hilson and Piece Of Me had different lyrics at the end of the song which might have been in the demo but it hasn't leaked.

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I mean it's safe to say that if she wrote on Alien, Passenger and Tik Tik Boom then it was like a line or two. We've heard the demo for Alien, Katy's version of Passenger, and the original GRL version of Tik Tik Boom and they are almost the exact same. They wanted to market this album as her most personal one so I bet they pushed her writing credits on every track even if it was kind of a lie.

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