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Why is circus (the song)so overlooked when it's literally


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One of the best pop songs that's ever been made? And im not even gonna talk about the video which is a visual masterpiece.

The lyrics are so well writtenz thought and executed and they were written for britney to sing. I dont think any other artist out there could have done this song because it doesnt represent what it represents for britney.

And the guitar riff on the pre chorus? It's pure extasis. I feel the adrenaline mpving thro my veins

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Top 3 Britney songs for me, I love it. I think the problem with it is that it's a song pretty much tailor made for a performance, not for radio. Is pure camp, stage music.

I LOVE the instrumental and lyrics and it's the perfect song structure for a performance, slow opener, hard choruses, breakdown etc

The video is also one of my favourite Britney videos.

Its a pity Britney never brought the original choreography to stage, and both TCSBS and POM don't do the song justice at all.

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I love it :mhm: the video is awesome, and Circus along with Womanizer were what made me have faith in Britney again (actually since BTI).

The video could've been edited so much better though. And I like the GMA performance, but overall I think none of the live performances has made it justice.

I also love the Twister Dance Remix

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6 hours ago, toy soldier. said:

I prefer it over Womanizer, but it didn't age well tbh I feel like this is the problem with most of Dr Luke's stuff...it sounds fresh for a minute, and then after a few years it sounds super dated

Still flawless tho


I've always loved Circus.  I guess it's dated in that it couldn't be released today yet, it's flawless for the year it was released.

I still think Womanizer is an extremely catchy song.

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4 minutes ago, Wouszz said:

im still not over the fact how hardcore she is dancing during the breakdown during pom :comingthru:


she must be out of breathe everytime she is doing this :triggered:

I hope you aren't being serious :tiffcackle:


The circus video is one of her best videos ever

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Well she's ruining the song with POM. The performance is so bad. The original version was okay - at least I really enjoyed the dance break. Now that she axed that and just walks around for it, it's one of the worst performances of the night. It's sad - like you said, it's SUCH a great song and such a "performance" song that it could be a lot better. 

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