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I'm still shook over this

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***** is feeling it and looks flawless, what the hell happened? :selenerz: was she really cloned? :selenerz: did larry tell her it would be a good idea not to dance properly? you know how she likes to take his advice seriously :selenerz:  **** you larry :selenerz: maybe her dancers are dancing too hard and making her look stupid on stage :selenerz: **** her dancers too :selenerz: maybe jason killed any rhythm she had in her :selenerz: i knew there was a reason i didn't like jason :selenerz: 

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1 hour ago, I am Max. said:

This was the direction she was taking when she started recording Britney Jean... I wonder what happened. I don't think it's will.i.am fault.

This is actually where she met Hit-Boy, and they began recording together.

She even confirmed an urban pop album on her SHAPE magazine interview. Ugh :lemmetellu:

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