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(POLL): Will Britney end up marrying Sam?

Britney and Sam  

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No. He seems like a nice guy. But he's also super young and once the newness of dating Britney wears off, I think it will be over. I mean if they marry, he'd become her co-conservator right? He's a child lol. That would be all types of weird. He seems mature for his age but he's still a guy and he might not be able to handle what comes with her life.

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2 hours ago, thousand oaks said:

I really hope she won't marry that toy boy, and I don't think he's right for her at all.

I won't be sad when they will split. I was sad when she left Charlie 

And exactly who are we to say if he's good or not for her? 

He looks to be a mature man, even more at his age. He makes her happy, balanced amd I'm sure the *** must be amazing. Let her be, let them be. She's 35, not 23! I'm sure she's learned from the past and I'm sure she'll do what's best for HER and her kids. 

Damn you people. So rude :lemmetellu:

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I don't see them getting married but I think he makes her happy for now. I am curious though bc we've never seen any photos or interaction with him and the boys. Obviously, that could all be happening in private, but we saw plenty of candids with Jason (obviously), David and Charlie on family vacations or even at the boys' soccer games and out running errands as a family. I wonder if she's just having fun and keeping that part of her life separate from her kids more often than not or if she's just gotten way more guarded with mixing the two in public. :calculating:

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Tbh I'm not sure about the 2nd question. I voted yes but I would have rather voted for 'I'm not sure'. But I don't think she'll marry him. Didn't she say she wasn't going to marry again? And I don't blame her because her previous marriages haven't ended well. In this day and age it's common for couples not to get married, I mean it's better to stay together rather than get married and then have to go through divorce procedures if you do split up.  

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