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Poll: What do you miss the most about primeney?

joe sp

What do you miss the most about primeney?  

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3 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

I voted for the dancing, because she was a force that could not be reckoned with, but I miss her personality too. Watching Primeney stuff kills me; even Live & More got a sad face out of me the other night when I was giffing it. :otears:



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2 minutes ago, Toxin said:

but we are the bad fans..for just wishing shewould give us A LITTLE more.. :kidcries: give us atleast proper choreograph you lazy bish.. && bend ur back too..:kidcries:

I'm scared to ask for anything more because we seem to lose something whenever we gain anything. :tiffsniffle:

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9 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

Even her goofy/silly faces there just fit where she inserted them, instead of making things look absolutely awkward.


and you could tell it was more "i love what i do" face and not like "i don't know what to do" face

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4 minutes ago, Toxin said:

watching old performances really make my heart shrink lol. i watch them with such awe and amazement like when i was a kid :kidcries:  there was so much to look forward to.. now we look forward to toxic breakdown and see what day she broke her neck harder in not to mention what she says before freakshow(like she says alot to begin with)..like wtF maN:kidcries:

We lost our **** over her singing Happy Birthday live. Like, we are the most desperate, thirsty fanbase ever now, lmao. I know its common for fanbases to wax nostalgic and wish for old times and all that, or to wish something was better handled with promotion/sound/direction/whatever, but I don't think there's a base out there like the B Army.

3 minutes ago, Toxin said:

ive lost all hope.. all we have is each other.. and old videos... britney dont even care and it hurts my broken heart  :kidcries: we dont even see her doofy laugh no more, anywhere, its all smokers laugh  :kidcries::kidcries:

I actually was noticing that when I was giffing, because I had to watch everything for the minute marks. I can't judge her on the smoking, because sadly I'm no better there (and I hate it), but so much is so different, even down to the laugh.

3 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

and you could tell it was more "i love what i do" face and not like "i don't know what to do" face

:tifftear: This one hurt me the most. It's so true.

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All of the above.

I remember there was one performance where she was the ONLY person dancing on stage, performing the beginning of either Stronger or Lonely (ugh, I can't remember right now, I'm sorry). There wasn't a single backup dancer in sight;  there weren't any special effects;  there weren't any pretty graphics on a big screen behind her; there weren't any flashy lights. It was just Britney Spears in long pants and a crop top on a huge stage, dancing her heart out, and EVERYONE was focused on her because she was that charismatic and special. She didn't need anyone else.  She didn't need blinged-out leotards. She didn't need laser beams blinding the audience. I wish I could find that performance online, because that was honestly the moment she became a legend to me. No one else in the industry has been able to command a stage like her, single-handed.

I miss that Britney. 

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