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DWAD Tour Love everything

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Her best outfits, choreography and production than anything of her other shows. Like those in the air platforms she's on are huge to dance on. When I watch the beginning of the BOMT performance and see that fire goes off literally reminds me of an MJ show. This show proves she is legendary in every way and is on the same level of MJ and Madonna. Like seriously no pop star today does platforms like these the only one that comes to mind is MJ or Madonna. Love the fun and bubbly performance of Anticipating (Is that with the crossroad girls). And her long speech that I put in the top video is beautiful I wish she did something like that today but Currentney would never. I love her Im not a girl performance more than anything here it makes me tear up whenever i hear that song it reminds me of my childhood I remember hearing this song everywhere as a child. Overall top notch show! Can't get better than this.  :crying11: Sometimes I wish we could go back in a time machine just to relive Britney mania like this again.

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3 hours ago, danny1994 said:

Don’t kill me but i think the DWAD tour is overrated. Of course it’s better than anything since 2004, but Onyx is her best tour by far:

I always found Onyx to be more overrated than DWAD if I'm being honest. 

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It's always been my favourite tour by her. The outfits were great, Britney's dancing was at her best and the special effects were awesome and made the show even more special. And the tour had some sick remixes. Let's not forget the iconic BOMT performance. (My only disappointment was that she didn't perform Cinderella on the tour but the setlist for the most part was good)


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I think that Britney has yet (if she ever will) to do a great tour that has everything. Amazing concept and production, costumes, set list, remixes, dancing, live singing and a great album to accompany it. As usual with Britney, she comes close but something is always missing. :ehno:

Although DWAD and Onyx are her best thus far. 

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26 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:


take the great dancing away and it's just a cheap slutty show

I don't think Onyx is a bad tour tbh, and it had some great performances and costumes. The cabaret section was interesting too. And the hotel concept was cool as well. I just think it's a bit overpraised on here that's all, when I've always preferred DWAD. 

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