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Fav/Worst Blackout Song

Guest Edge Of Clockin' You

Fav/Worst Blackout Song  

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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You

Just found out this masterpiece won Album Of The Year at the NRJ Awards and at the MTV Europe Music Awards and was voted by Billboard's readers as the best album of 2007. It also appeared The Guardian's writers favorite albums of all time list and was voted the 7th Best album of the 2000's by Rolling Stone's readers and much more. A legendary album:mattafact:

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Fav: Gimme More

Least Fav: Everybody (but i accidentally chose Ooh Ooh Baby bc i didn't see Everybody and now I can't change my vote)

1 minute ago, G-unit said:

Worst is definitely Hot as Ice.  That song is an embarrassment to that album.  So gross. 

I'll pray for you sis :idkney:

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Favourite: Close between GM, BTI or GN (IGAP)- which I chose 

Least- it's my favourite album so I don't dislike any tracks, but my least favourite is probs ooh ooh baby or perfect lover.

Edit- Although it's not here, the junkie XL remix of gimme more is my least favourite

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5 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

How do they not make sense? It's a boastful, sassy song. The song is literally just about how cocky she is.

I mean, look no further than the title, lol. Cold as fire and hot as ice make no sense. Also a lot of the song is just filler with her saying “break it dowwwwwn” 40x.

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Since this is based on personal preference

Fave: WSIBS, never mind the writing credits I really appreciated that she went personal for this song. I feel her frustrated emotions everytime I hear this song, it makes me sad. Also, i believe it's the least autotuned

Worst: Get Back, could be Everybody or Outta This World too, since i own the cd that only has the standard 12 songs I'm not really fond of the bonus tracks. Buy if it's from the standard 12 i'd choose Perfect Lover. I always skip that song

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4 minutes ago, HeavenOnExhale said:

Fav: HEAVEN ON EARTH  Best song she's ever done! We need a live performance of this :yesplease:


Least: Ooh Ooh Baby I don't hate it, Its enjoyable but I just don't listen to it all that much.

I feel similarly. It’s interesting, Kara DioGuardi worked on both of these songs and they sound completely different.

At leafs Ooh Ooh Baby is better than anything on Britney Jean :tiffcackle:

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