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"Britney is no Beyonce" - "Her last hit was Womanizer" - "Britney is deceased"

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These are things I heard last night when I was talking about Britney with some old friends

They've been  so harsh but I hear this kind of things so often, in a country where she always has had success (France)

I had to tell them about her sold out Asian tour and her 70k (lol) sold out show in Israel a few days ago

But I'm so done hearing this ****!

Make another comeback GOD, pleaaaase :tiffsniffle:

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16 minutes ago, Curiousexhaler86 said:

Well Britney and her team have been selling Britney Spears as a nostalgia act very well these past few years, so I can't blame them tbh. Hopefully once she's done with POM things will change. :plzexplain:


Yes. Terrible. 

Britney and her team shade the prime days but they have been carrying them all these years. 


Look at how much the prime day's have done for your life 

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35 minutes ago, Piper Halliwell said:


i doubt gp cares about stuff like this :tiffcackle:

You've never been on a road trip with friends? GP as you call it may not be as invested in pop stars to discuss them all day but friends do have conversations about musicians/their opinions on them in certain social settings. 

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It's funny because to me - that was the **** I heard a few years ago like around 2012 or something. Like ALWAYS.

These days I think the GP and none- fans praise her. Sometimes it hits me like "wow, you guys really think that". The GP thinks she's a cool icon, her body is SICK, most people wanna go see her live "just because it's Britney" and so on. Also, the cancer- charity and 1 m she got for it for example had one of my friends yesterday texting a pic from the newspaper with an article about it. She was like "how amazing isn't she, although I'm not a fan". 

With this being said, I really wish for another Hold it Against Me typ of single together with a new studio album or 20th Greatest Hits. The WORLD needs a Britney - jam badly, and it would also help before another tour.

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1 hour ago, Brichney. said:

Brainwashed idiots. Britney has sold more records than Beyonce, show them receipts. 

Even Britney sold more records then Beyonce, today Beyonce is more popular and cooler then Britney.

Also Beyonce is outselling Britney for then last 5 years.

Even Madonna, which sales are not great is more cooler then Britney because she is a pop legend and people are paying  to see her shows because they now they will get great show for high price.

The truth is that Britney needs  to make huge changes in her career, because she can not be **** Lolita anymore. She needs more serious approach to her career. Fans and gp need more mature and fashionable Britney Spears. 

No more cheapness, baby voice and childish songs/MVs.

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55 minutes ago, Little me said:

Can you blame them for thinking that? People have been giving britney chance after chance to come back fully and slay since 2008. Sorry, but no other star in the world has gotten that many chances. People didn't stan for Currentny, they stanned for Primeney. They aren't used to less than stellar performances from her. 

So true, and even she is not performing like she used to on top of that she's making horrible childish songs and MVs. Her image is so cheap and bad these days, at least if she doesn't want to dance hard she should focus to look as a ******* pop star on stage.

And also out of 5 red carpet appearances in 1 year she managed to look in 4 like ****. She needs to be more professional and fashionable.

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