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Make a 12-track album out of her unreleased songs

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I think this would make a credible B-Sides album; every song good, a good mix of songs, a good mix of styles --

1. Guilty (In the Zone)
2. Kiss You All Over (Blackout)
3. Hooked On (Blackout)
4. Am I a Sinner? (Britney)
5. State of Grace (Blackout)
6. When I Say So (Britney)
7. Abroad (Circus)
8. She'll Never Be Me (Britney)
9. Unbroken (Femme Fatale)
10. Dangerous (Circus)
11. Little Me (Interlude) (Original Doll?)
12. To Love Let Go (Blackout)

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1. Strangest Love

2. Rock Star

3. When I say So

4. Tell Me (Am I a Sinner)

5. She'll Never Be Me

6. What You sippin' On ft AC

7. Welcome To Me

8. 911

9. Guilty

10. Kiss You All Over

11. Unbroken

12. Instant Deja Vu


13. And Then We Kiss original version

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