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Honestly, I just want DARK music for B10.

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It doesn't have to reflect her personal life, but maybe some more songs about fame, seduction, the price of being a celebrity. 

She could make a killer dark song about that.

I love her pop, but as she's getting older, I want less *** oriented songs unless it's more mature sounding, lyric and music wise.

Let's change it up!

Dye your hair brown for B10 era Brit!

Honestly, I think it would create some great hype for her, having brown hair, releasing a dark song and music video, with a killer *** instrumental and incredibly deep lyrics.

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100% Agreed, would love to see some LDR-ish stuff from her.

Music about *** can only be Entertaining for so long, especially when that’s What you’ve offeret 75% of your career.

i’d love some really dark songs tbh, like about death, addiction (drugs, alcohol, person) mental issues, fame, the dark sides of it etc.

obviously we can’t remove *** completley as it’s Britney, but more real instruments and some piano based ballads would be nice

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Yeah she needs a reinvention. Something unpredictable. Aka ditch the baby voice in her new album so she can sing it live.


It could still be darker and **** and dancey. Similar to the weeknd and rihannas vibe but with a britney twist. Songs like mood ring, wild thoughts, unforgettable (french montana) production wise.


and please please please a visual album :triggered:

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I don't think we should be demanding anyone to change their hair color or style for the sake of an album era. Blonde suits her. That said I'd love for her to play more characters in mvs like in toxic. The red headed assassin, the dark haired vixen, the angelic blonde.  

And a dark era would only come if she was struggling with her personal life, honestly, is that what everyone wants? I'd like an edgier Brit too but that comes with a price. She's happier now so she wants to do happier more positive things musically .  And honestly if you're focusing on positive things you're attracting more positive things into your life. Probably why she doesn't sit there and focus on beating the dead horse that is 2007. 

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It's not like she is getting followed much anymore. It would be weird having another Pom/KTL when she isn't even that hugely Followed anymore.

I agree I wish she would pick a theme and strongly sell it. Circus did wonders because they could go hard in visuals. 


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