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Britney in Asia best moments

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That was a great video :pumped:  


4 hours ago, Someone Who Knows said:

Remember during the lackluster Circus and Femme Fatale eras how we all said we'd kill for this level of dancing, and now we have it and the response of people is mostly to ***** that it isn't even better. As for me...I am thrilled with how far she's come. But yes it's time to move on from POM soon.

I agree!


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It's great that you all and fans at the shows enjoy her dancing. Really.

But her dancing more does not automatically mean that the execution and choreography itself is good. I've always payed attention to that as a Britney fan (since in the beginning her technique and style was amazing).

Also, boredom with the routines should not excuse Britney's inconsistency. :awks:

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Guest $elfish
10 minutes ago, TemptedBoy said:


yasss, Godney's flawless dancing impact! Primeney hew?!?!



5 hours ago, Daxx said:

Yas britni slay those dance moves! That attitude! She's fierce! BETTER THAN PRIMENEY!!!!

Are you ******* trying to replace this?


You better not be because femme fatalney the queen of dance 

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2 minutes ago, Mannequin* said:

oh pls STFU... u seem mad that u couldn't enjoy the show yourself :whitney:

Gurl, plz. I live in LA and could pop over to Vegas whenever I want to go see this drag show. I just find West Hollywood has better offerings :mattafact:

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